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Deputy Director of Institutional Analysis

PhD in Political Science (UCM), B.A  Degree in Political Science and B.A. Degree in Law. She belongs to the body of Senior Researcher of the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC). She was a Lecturer of Political Science and Administration at the URJC and at the UAM. She led the Quality of Services Observatory at the Agency for the Evaluation of Policies and Quality of Services (AEVAL, Ministry of Territorial Policy, 2009-11). She has been the Chief of Staff of the Minister of Healthcare, Consumer Affairs and Social Welfare (2018-20). She is currently the director of the Revista de Gestión y Análisis de Políticas Públicas. During her academic career she has been a visiting researcher or fellow at IEP-Bordeaux and the Universities of Kent, Ottawa and Oxford University during the 2016-17 academic year. Her research has focused on public policies, citizens and the State, the reform of Government and administrations, the Welfare State and the Autonomic State.