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    AIReF English

    “Our mission is to guarantee effective compliance of the financial sustainability principle by the General Goverment”


    AIReF has been carrying out an important evaluation activity for years, which is now one of the pillars of the institution. The aim is to help develop more effective and efficient policies for the benefit of citizens.

    Standing orders. So far, the following have arrived from the
    Central Administration

    Specific evaluations commissioned by the central government
    central government

    Specific assignments at the request of regional and local governments

    AIReF has developed macroeconomic analysis tools that allow knowing the evolution of the GDP in Spain in real time and the estimation of the quarterly GDP of the Autonomous Communities (CCAA) based on data from the National Institute of Statistics (INE)


    AIReF has tools that allow a detailed analysis of the sustainability of public finances:


    It analyses variables such as the deficit, debt, GDP, revenue and expenditure of each Autonomous Region and makes comparisons. It also includes forecasts and AIReF reports.


    The interactive Observatory of Local Corporations, with more than 20 million economic and financial data from almost 8,200 local corporations.


    The Debt Observatory on the recent evolution of public debt and short-term and long-term projections


    Interactive tools that allow simulating the evolution of pension spending and demographic forecasts until the year 2050 in different scenarios

    Transparency is one of the key principles that define AIReF and for which the institution is committed to providing citizens with all relevant information about its activity.


    Presidenta interna de la AIReF Cristina Herrero


    Cristina Herrero assumed the presidency of the AIReF on March 4, after the Congress unanimously accepted her proposal.


    The AIReF is to ensure the sustainability of public finances as a way to ensure the economic growth and well-being of.


    AIReF has four divisions made up of teams with extensive experience and expertise in their respective specialities, which strengthens its ability to carry out its mission with independence and objectivity.