Data Lab. Local authorities monitor tool of economic and finantial information

Would you like to know how the budget of your City Council is built up? What is the amount of incomes and expenses? The Local Authorities Monitor Tool collects and offers a graphical view of more than 20 million economic and financial data from nearly 8,200 Local Corporations. It also provides information of Local Corporations’ resources and how they use them. It also analyses the evolution of main variables that define their economic situation.

In addition, the new version of the Local Authorities Monitor Tool improves the design making it more user-friendly , and offering the possibility to compare Local Corporations with similar characteristics. . It will be updated in a regular basis and expanded with other modules to provide information on AIReF forecasts of the entities that are individually analyzed and information on the actual cost of the services provided. Finally, in future versions of this tool, it will allow to rank Local Corporations following different criteria.

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