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The Independent Fiscal Institutions in the European Union. Only available in Spainsh

Technical document 1/20. Update of demographic and pension expenditure forecasts


Impact on the employment of the Interprofessional Minimum Wage increase to EUR 900 per mont

Working Paper 1/2019. AIReF model for forecasting pension expenditure in Spain

Working Paper 6/2018. Introducing Uncertainty on Fertility and Survival in the Spanish Population Projections: A Monte Carlo Approach

Working Paper 5/2018. Predicting Spanish Emigration and Inmigration

Working Paper 4/2018: Impact evaluation of the 2011 pension reform on new pensioners: period 2013-2015 Only available in Spanish

Working Paper 3/2018. Some elements for a revamped fiscal framework for Spain

Working Paper 2/2018. Estimating Output Gap: a Beauty Contest Approach

Working paper 1/2018. Some Unpleasant Labor Arithmetics: A tale of the Spanish 2012 Labor Market Reform

Working Paper 3/2017. A Game-Theoretic Analysis of the Spanish System of Regional Finance

Working Paper 2/2017 What do we mean by Public Consumption. Only available in Spanish

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