Data Lab. Public Debt Monitor

Public debt sustainability remains a key challenge in Spain, as the correction of macroeconomic imbalances gradually continues. Since the onset of the crisis, the General Government debt-to-GDP ratio increased more than 60% of GDP. In 2015 it reached 100%, as published by Banco de España, a figure only to be compared with the early years of the last century.

The new Public Debt Monitor highlights a series of key indicators useful for debt sustainability analysis at a subsector and regional level.

As an additional feature AIReF also publishes the “AIReF DataLab”, an interactive data platform which allows users to visualize and download macroeconomic and budgetary figures on autonomous regions.


    *It is important to highlight that simulations and projections showed in AIReF DataLab do not necessarily coincide with those prepared by AIReF staff for official reports and opinions.

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