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Airef resolucion programa becas

AIReF and Banco de España extend their collaboration agreement to exchange public sector information

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The Network of EU Independent Fiscal Institutions forecasts positive but uneven economic growth across regions

Cristina Herrero, presidenta de la AIReF, en la comisión de Hacienda del Congreso

Cristina Herrero insists in the Spanish parliament on the need to design a medium-term fiscal strategy

La presidenta de la AIReF, Cristina Herrero, en la UIMP

Cristina Herrero: “Debt sustainability will be the core of the new european governance”

Turismo AIReF Mipred

AIReF expands the information on its MIPred model to facilitate understanding of GDP trends

Cristina Herrero en el Círculo de Empresarios

Cristina Herrero analyses the economic situation and fiscal challenges in a meeting with ‘Círculo de Empresarios’

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AIReF warns of the high level of debt and the position of great vulnerability in which public finances have been placed


AIReF improves its Local Authorities Monitor Tool with new information and more analytical capacity

Cristina Herrero en Líderes en Directo, del Consejo General de Economistas 2

Cristina Herrero: “We are at a unique moment to promote evaluation in Spain”

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AIReF forecasts a reduction in the General Government deficit to 3.5% of GDP in 2024

Mapa Metcap 5-de-mayo

AIReF publishes the first quarterly estimate of the composition of national GDP by Region

Informes de AIReF

AIReF endorses the Government’s macroeconomic scenario, but warns of downside risks and uncertainty regarding the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan

La presidenta de la AIReF, Cristina Herrero, en un seminario en IEHPA

Cristina Herrero states that the impact of European funds can be boosted with adequate coordination between the General Government and an integral evaluation


Cristina Herrero warns of the need for a medium-term fiscal strategy to address the risks that affect the sustainability of the Autonomous Regions

Airef resolucion programa becas

AIReF issues new public warnings for non-compliance with the duty to cooperate

Opinion Transparencia

AIReF proposes designing a comprehensive medium-term budgetary framework for all level of the General Government

Sede de la AIReF

AIReF postpones the release of the Stability Programme Update Report due to lack of information

Imagen Informe Presupuestos Iniciales 2

AIReF estimates that GDP will grow by 6.6% in 2021 and the public deficit will fall to 7.6% of GDP


Cristina Herrero renews AIReF’s Advisory Board with nine members of extensive experience in economic and fiscal matters

Informe AIReF

AIReF analyzes the recent evolution of public debt and warns about the risks associated with the high level of indebtedness