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Phase II Spendind Review

Airef publishes the 2nd phase of the Spending Review, which evaluates 51 billion in public spending, more than 4% of Spanish GDP

Rueda de Prensa en AIReF

AIReF recommends activating the escape clause, establishing a medium-term fiscal strategy, and implementing the proposals of the Spending Review

La presidenta de la AIReF en el Consejo de Economistas

Cristina Herrero declares that the sustainability of public finances is an essential requirement for preserving the welfare state

Cristina Herrero en Esade

Cristina Herrero demands greater institutional quality and highmindedness to face an unprecedented situation


AIReF resumes publication of MIPred, having adapted the model to the situation caused by COVID-19

Cristina Herrero en la Comisión de Reconstrucción

Cristina Herrero calls for a comprehensive exit strategy that supports recovery and ensures the sustainability of public accounts


Cristina Herrero highlights the challenge faced by european economies in designing reform and investment plans to boost medium term growth

Informes de AIReF

AIReF resumes monthly stability target monitoring and includes an analysis of measures to counteract COVID-19


AIReF President Cristina Herrero appears before the Congressional Finance Commission

Mipred PIB regional

AIReF publishes the first quarterly estimate of the composition of national GDP by Region

AIReF estimates a deficit of 10.9% of GDP in 2020, but does not rule out reaching 13.8% in a more adverse scenario


AIReF estimates a deficit of 10.9% GDP in 2020 but does not rule out the possibility of 13.8% in a more adverse scenario

La sede de la AIReF

AIReF endorses the Government’s macroeconomic scenario but warns of downside risks


AIReF temporarily stops publishing MIPred and explores other alternatives for evaluating the economy in the short term


The European Fiscal Monitor has published a special edition on the fiscal response of 25 EU member states and the United Kingdom in dealing with COVID-19

Informes de AIReF

AIReF will publish the Report on the Stability Programme Update in the week beginning 4th May


Services PMI data and the IPI forecast the fall of GDP and place quarter-on-quarter rates at -0.18% in the first quarter and -1.61% in the second quarter

Sede de la AIReF

AIReF publishes its Annual Report 2019

Imagen de Archivo de Informes de AIReF

AIReF postpones the issuing of reports that should have been published in the coming weeks according to the current calendar

La sede de la AIReF

AIReF enables teleworking for all its employees and recommends them to work at home