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The Network of EU Independent Fiscal Institutions (EU IFIs) was created in September 2015 after the ratification of the Bratislava Agreement.

The agreement, signed by a total of 21 Independent Fiscal Institutions (IFIs), includes the appointment of José Luis Escrivá, President of the Independent Authority for Fiscal Responsibility (AIReF), as Chair of the Network for a period of 2 years. Currently, the EU’s IFI Network has a total of 26 IFIs.

In November 2017, José Luis Escrivá was re-elected as Chair of the Network of EU IFIs for another two-year period. The appointment was formalized through the signing of the Madrid Agreement during the meeting of the Network, held for the first time in the Spanish capital. The Madrid Agreement includes the appointment of Giuseppe Pisauro as Vice-Chair to replace L’udovit Ódor, member of the Slovak IFI, and Michal Horváth, as Secretary of the Network, a newly created position.

Participation in the EU’s IFI Network is voluntary and open to any EU IFI. It aims to provide a platform to exchange points of view, expertise and pool resources in areas of common interest. In addition, the Network has a Committee for EU Affairs with the basic purpose adopting positions on issues concerning relations with EU institutions, including the EU fiscal framework.

The Network of Independent Fiscal Institutions drafts an unedited document, the European Fiscal Monitor, a publication that includes the individual contributions of the IFIs regarding the main events and challenges to the economy, public finance and the fiscal frameworks of the EU member states.

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