Information Sheets

The AIReF Didactic Guidelines are created with the aim of carrying out our public service work and fulfilling our informative mission. Through the Guides we seek to explain our activities and train the citizen to make use of the materials we provide. These tools serve as support to facilitate the access of non-specialized interest groups to our contents. Didactic Guide “Economic Estimates”: Discover in this Didactic Guide why economic estimates are important and what are the tools that AIReF uses to carry out its estimations. Didactic Guide “Budget Analysis”: Consult this Didactic Guide to learn more about budget analysis: what is it, the importance of financial stability and AIReF tools to carry it out. Didactic Guide “Public Debt”: In this Didactic Guide, AIReF gathers the concept of public debt, the importance of its sustainability and the tools that are used for its analysis in various cases. Didactic Guide “Our Tools”: This Didactic Guide groups most of the interactive and simulation tools of the AIReF with indications about its operation and uses.