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AIReF’s staff is its main asset. All of the people forming part of the institution’s team have extensive experience and technical expertise in their respective fields of specialisation, making them well prepared to carry out their remit independently and objectively.

Our organisation is highly flexible and horizontal in structure, enabling exchange of know-how and information between its different divisions. This is key to ensuring we can share experiences internally and strengthen our methodologies and capacity for analysis.

Cristina Herrero assumed on January 13 the presidency of the AIReF on an interim basis in accordance with the Internal Regulations of the institution, replacing the first president, José Luis Escrivá.

Cristina Herrero has been part of AIReF’s management team since its foundation. She became director of the Budgetary Analysis Division in 2014, becoming the head of one of the institution’s main functions as a guarantor of budgetary stability and the sustainability of public finances


The President of AIReF is appointed by the Council of Ministers on a proposal from the Minister of Finance. Prior to the appointment, however, the nominee must appear before the corresponding Commission of Congress, which shall endorse the candidacy by an absolute majority. Should the Commission fail to accept the nominee within 15 days, a simple majority vote cast by the competent Commission of the Senate would suffice to endorse the candidate.

The President of AIReF is appointed  for a non-renewable six-year term of office and is responsible for leading and coordinating all of our teams. His duties also include appearing before Parliament at least once a year to report to it on the institution and its activities (Article 24 of the Organic Statute of the Independent Authority for Fiscal Responsibility).

The organic law under which AIReF was created gives the President wide-ranging responsibilities relating to the organisation and governance of the institution and decision- making in all matters within the scope of its competences.

The President has a Technical Cabinet and a reduced staff to coordinate the work of the different divisions and carry out an open communication policy that provides the public with direct access to the work of the AIReF. His duties are listed in Article 25 of Organic Law 6/2013 of 14 November, on the establishment of an Independent Authority for Fiscal Responsibility and in Article 25 of the Organic Statute of the Independent Authority for Fiscal Responsibility.

The President of the Independent Authority for Fiscal Responsibility acts with total independence and objectivity as AIReF’s legal representative, directs and coordinates the activities of all its management bodies, exercises the most senior leadership over all staff, signs contracts and agreements and makes spending and payment orders.