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Report on the Catalonia Autonomous Region Economic Financial Plan

Reports on the Draft Spanish Stability Programme Update 2015-2018

Report on the government sector initial budgets for 2015

Report on the methodology to calculate revenue and expenditure trends and the reference growth rate

Report on the 2014-2015 Economic & Financial Plan of the Autonomous Region of Navarra

Reports on the main lines of the budgets of the Autonomous Regions for 2016

Report on the 2014-2015 Economic & Financial Plans of the Autonomous Regions

Report on the macroeconomic forecasts in the Autonomous Regions’ Budgets for 2015

Supplementary report on the main budgetary lines for 2015 of the Autonomous Regions

AIReF recommneds the implementation of corrective measures in 7 Autonomous Communities due to risks of noncompliance with 2014 deficit target