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Cristina Herrero en el CES

Cristina Herrero assures that it is necessary to reconsider public investment which is in need of a wider vision and a better project selection

AIReF urges the Government to design a <i>Rebalancing Plan</i> with a medium-term fiscal strategy after applying the escape clause


AIReF endorses the macroeconomic forecasts of País Vasco for 2020 and 2021


Cristina Herrero declared that the education sector must battle against the social gap and confront the digital challenge

Sede de AIReF

AIReF proposes to implement for the first time a real national strategy for the shared use of millions of data of the Public Administrations

Informes de AIReF

AIReF endorses the macroeconomic scenario but warns of the risks associated to the context of extreme uncertainty

AIReF proposes efficiency improvements in hospital pharmacy spending and a technology investment plan that allows us to converge with the average for the OECD countries

After updating its demographic forecasts, AIReF estimates that pension expenditure will increase to 14.2% of GDP in 2050

AIReF plans to strengthen monitoring and assessment to ensure the efficiency and sustainability of public policies

Cristina Herrero highlights that the ageing of the population is a major challenge for the Spanish economy

Sede AIReF

AIReF endorses the macroeconomic forecasts of Navarra for 2020 and 2021

Cristina Herrero en un seminario del IEF

Cristina Herrero highlights the utility of evaluations to improve public policies

AIReF publishes the second quarterly estimate of the composition of national GDP by Region


AIReF recommends improving infrastructure investment selection to raise social and economic impact and meet mobility needs

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AIReF reports strong investment in high-speed rail over insufficient investment in suburban rail and proposes shifting focus to mobility criteria

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AIReF reports that increased subsidies for flights taken by extra-peninsular residents has led to increased ticket prices


Cristina Herrero: “AIReF’s assessments provide pragmatic, independent, and evidence-based analysis, especially useful in the current context”

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AIReF publishes the follow-up to the recommendations made in the second quarter of 2020

AIRef highlights the opportunity cost of tax benefits and the importance of ensuring their effectiveness

Rueda de Prensa en AIReF

AIReF highlights the opportunity cost of fiscal benefits and the importance of guaranteeing their effectiveness

Cristina Herrero en su despacho en la AIReF

Cristina Herrero: Fiscal policy must provide confidence and certainty on the rules of the game