About Us. Our Mission

The purpose of the Independent Authority for Fiscal Responsibility (AIReF, as it is known in Spanish) is to oversee the sustainability of public finances as a means for ensuring economic growth and the wellbeing of Spanish society in the medium and long-term.

Its mission is to guarantee effective compliance by Public Administrations of the budget stability principle set forth in article 135 of the Spanish Constitution through ongoing monitoring of the budget cycle and public debt.

AIReF’s professional and highly experienced team working on its staff endeavours to achieve the objectives established for the institution by publishing regular Reports, Opinions and Studieswithin the scope of its responsibility.

AIReF’s remit impacts key elements of all Public Administrations. As a result it directly affects decisions regarding public accounts and key expenditure and investment items such as education, healthcare and public works. Communication is therefore an essential part of AIReF's activities.

Independent Fiscal Institutions (IFIs) already exist or are being created in many countries around us for the purpose of having an independent authority to guarantee the sustainability of public finances.