The Independent Authority for Fiscal Responsibility considers transparency to be a backbone of its daily activity. Transparency must be at all levels, from the publication of the methodologies and hypotheses used in the reports to the disclosure of data and basic projections that support the analysis.

In order for public opinion to benefit from the efforts to ensure the greatest possible transparency, there must be an effective communication strategy.

Therefore, several Interactive Platforms in our AIReF Data Lab have been designed to allow both visualization and combination of data and download accessibility.

Interactive dashboard to monitor Autonomous Communities

Historical repository of series for debt and its main determinants since 1850, including projections until 2045 (coming soon)

Evolution of main regional economic indicators

In addition, the following analyses are provided: 

Public Debt Monitor: with the most relevant indicators for the analysis of sustainability for the different levels of the General Goverment. 

Real-time GDP Forecasts: both for the current and the following quarter (Continuously updated). 

Integrated Macro Picture Forecasting: both for the current and the following quarter, by splitting the GDP components from the demand side (Updated monthly).

Quarterly GDP estimates are also provided for the Autonomous Communities:

Quarterly GDP Estimates for the Autonomous Communities