AIReF has revised upwards its projection for the general government deficit ratio to a range between 4,1% and 4,7% of GDP, depending on the implementation of the measures committed by the Government

Report on expected compliance with the 2016 budget stability, government debt and expenditure rule targets by the Public Administrations Presentación

July 20, 2016

Access to report on the 2014-2015 Economic & Financial Plans of the Autonomous RegionsRelated documents:Press Release

December 22, 2014
Compliance with Deficit and Debt Targets

Compliance with Deficit and Debt TargetsExecutive Summary1 There are risks of non-compliance with the public  debt threshold established for 2020.2 The assessment of the General Government's  (GG) compliance with the appropriate debt targets  must be performed at all levels comparing the  initially set target and ...

July 30, 2014

Access to full report on the Economic and Financial Plans of the Autonomous Communities 2014

July 28, 2014